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Air Filters Recommendations for Property and Facility Management - Air Filtration Expert, Jon Holmes Camfil Canada

Air Filtration Expert, Jon Holmes, Shares New Air Filtration Recommendations for Property and Facility Management. Resource by Camfil, CA

Segment Leader for Property and Facility Management, Jon Holmes, shares his recommendations, breaks down total cost of ownership (TCO), and delivers top tips on air filtration for Canadian building managers.

There are over 482,000 commercial and institutional buildings in Canada, with Ontario accounting for 35% of buildings and consuming the highest share of energy1. On a global scale, buildings produce 6% of greenhouse gas emissions and the sector places 6th overall in the top economic sectors that are harmful to the environment2. As establishments look towards creating a greener future, there is an increased focus on saving energy, reducing waste, and limiting air pollution. Many companies are also looking for tools that increase efficiency in their processes to generate labour savings.

Fortunately, there are available solutions that can greatly aid Canadian property and facility managers in achieving these goals. Segment Leader for Property and Facility Management, Jon Holmes (A.K.A. Jon the Filter Guy), shares his insight on the benefits of air filtration in commercial and public buildings and provides top tips for choosing the very best clean air solutions.

What Filters Are Best for Saving Time, Money, Waste, and Energy?

Many air filtration companies offer a broad spectrum of solutions that are not always optimized to be long lasting or provide the best air quality. 

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Read Full Story: https://cleanair.camfil.ca/air-filtration-expert-jon-holmes-shares-new-air-filtration-recommendations-for-property-and-facility-management-resource-by-camfil-ca/

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