November 16, 2022

Canada Commercial Air Filtration News - Camfil Durafil® ES air filter can last up to five years - Camfil

Learn how to reduce waste with high-quality air filters.

Using filters that have been designed to last will result in less frequent replacements meaning less landfill waste. The Durafil® ES can last up to five years - it can save you time and money while drastically decreasing waste. It also means less need for transportation of new air filters and disposal of used air filters.

The Hi-Flo® ES, which does not require a prefilter, can dramatically help save energy. It is guaranteed to last a specific amount of time based on the application and can last one to two years. Instead of frequently changing out filters every six months, you will only have to change yearly or every two years, reducing air filter waste by 25-50%.

Landfill waste is problematic because as the materials decompose, they release methane and leach lead into groundwater. In some cases there isn't even any oxygen present, and the waste will not degrade at all.

The main concern for incinerating waste is that it can produce dioxins and other harmful gases in the process. Dioxins and furans can cause cancer and reduce immunity. In Denmark however, there is a clean energy plant, CopenHill, which burns waste and creates energy.

Bag filters are a good option for smaller systems that need a high amount of precision. They fold up small and can fit in your pocket - as opposed to box filters which take up more space. More info on waste and sustainability

Source: Camfil - Canada
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