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Camfil Canada Jordan Bettencourt - Benefits of High Quality Air Filtration During Meat Processing

What Are the Concerns in Meat Processing?

In this post Camfil Segment Leader for Food and Beverage, Jordan Bettencourt, discusses meat processing and corresponding risks during production, as well as the importance of air quality in establishing a hygienic atmosphere.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial building and office managers have increased their focus on improving indoor air quality (IAQ) to prevent the transmission of airborne viruses. While commercial industries are just catching up to speed, air quality has always been a consideration in the meat processing industry and becomes increasingly important. As such, facility managers in meat processing should take care to thoroughly understand possible challenges that can arise, and how they can be detrimental to employees working in meat processing as well as the product thereby affecting the final customers.

What Are the Concerns in Meat Processing?

Meat processing requires high hygiene practices as the improper handling of raw meat can have a number of consequences. Some of the most common concerns in meat processing include:

Bacterial Infection

Various meats can be contaminated with harmful germs that can make individuals very sick when ingested. This contamination can occur during production or in other stages of the food production chain. 

During production, cross contamination of raw meat is likely to cause this. 

What Are Other Benefits to High Quality Air Filtration in Meat Processing?

Apart from the evident benefit of cleaner air, the installation of high quality air filtration units can generate cost savings and allow for the reallocation of valuable time. This can be achieved by addressing energy, labour, and waste. As Jordan Bettencourt mentions. 

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