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Camfil Canada air filtration experts focus on environmental sustainability.

These days you often hear the word sustainability in newscasts, around the web, or in corporate emails. It is a term that’s becoming more and more important as the environment takes centre stage, with talk in Canada and around the world about becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We have fewer and fewer resources available for use on our small planet and we now have the daunting challenge of how to take advantage of the resources we have, without causing irreparable damage to our world. One of the easiest ways become more sustainable, save energy, and reduce your carbon footprint is to use high-quality, greener air filters in your building.

In this article, Camfil air filtration experts focus on environmental sustainability as it relates to reducing energy consumption, waste, and labour, and on how it all relates to sustainable buildings, indoor air quality, well-being, air filters, and air filtration systems. The article cover:

  • What is the Definition of Sustainability?
    What is a sustainable building? 
  • How can air filters reduce your fossil fuel usage and carbon footprint?
  • Carbon Footprint

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