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Canadian Air Filtration Expert Jon Holmes Explains - When and why should I change my HVAC air filter?

Air filters are crucial for tenant comfort and building efficiency. However, changing them too soon leads to increased costs, while waiting too long results in energy penalties. Visual inspection and fixed timeframes aren't accurate methods for replacement.

To determine the right time, use pressure drop measurements. For facilities with variable frequency drives, replace filters at double the initial pressure drop to save on energy costs. For constant speed fans, changing at a maximum of 1" w.g. improves airflow and may lead to energy savings.

Proper filter installation is vital; ensure pleats and pockets run vertically. By following these guidelines, building operators can keep tenants happy, reduce costs, save energy, and allocate labor more efficiently. Remember, the best value air filter maintains low average pressure drop and sustained MERV-A ratings.

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-Air filtration expert Jon Holmes, Camfil Canada

source: https://cleanair.camfil.ca/when-should-i-change-my-hvac-air-filter/

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