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How Does Air Pollution in Canada Impact Productivity in Schools and Offices? 

Linked to a wide range of life-threatening diseases and painful symptoms, air pollution is a leading public health issue worldwide. However, air pollution can be responsible for harming more than just your physical health. Both short-term and long-term exposure, even to low levels of air pollution, is known to decrease productivity and cognitive function significantly.

In this article, Camfil Canada’s air quality expert explains the reasons behind lost productivity due to air pollution in offices and schools, and the experts discuss the potential solutions.

Why Indoor Air can be More Polluted than Outdoor Air?

Two main factors lead to higher levels of air pollution indoors than outdoors:

  1. Poor ventilation. Pollutants in the outdoor air are usually unable to become concentrated in specific places because of the wind, which acts as natural ventilation. Indoors, on the other hand, pollutants from both indoor and outdoor pollutants are able to build up in poorly ventilated spaces. Furthermore, architecture from past decades was designed with tight seals and limited airflow, a well-intentioned attempt to keep outdoor pollutants from entering buildings that also keeps pollutants trapped inside.
  2. Indoor sources of air pollution. We most frequently discuss the environmental and health implications of outdoor pollution sources, such as emissions from automobiles and waste products from manufacturing processes. However, a significant source of pollution affecting IAQ (indoor air...

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