November 08, 2022  Press Releases

Is indoor air quality good enough in grade schools, colleges, and universities in Canada?

With cold air on its way later than usual, virus spread has been delayed somewhat, but not so much in the way of seasonal allergies, related to indoor air quality. Although poor indoor air quality can cause serious health problems at any time of year, it is particularly problematic in colder weather when our immune systems start to become weaker and are more susceptible to viruses (COVID-19 and other viruses) and particulate matter. Indoor air quality (IAQ) can be quite poor in many schools in Canada. This is the start of the third school year when we are dealing with COVID-19 and its many variants, and schools are still not equipped to properly deal with the many threats to indoor air quality. In this article, Camfil Canada experts discuss the problems and solutions related to IAQ in Canadian schools.


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