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What is the Importance of Air Purification in Canadian Hospitals? - RESOURCE BY CAMFIL, CA

Alberta’s Health Emergency: How Can the Healthcare System Avoid Collapse? Resource by Camfil, CA

What Are the Latest Developments Concerning the Healthcare System in Alberta?

In this post the Alberta health crisis is examined, mitigation steps are explored, and air filtration experts summarize the importance of air purification in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 in Canadian hospitals.

On September 15th, Albertans received news of the Public Health Emergency that brought along heightened COVID-19 restrictions. These restrictions include, but are not limited to, gathering limits and a new form of vaccine passport required to enter non-essential businesses. It is hoped that by following these guidelines and thereby avoiding overcapacity in hospitals, Alberta’s healthcare system will circumvent collapse1.

Not even one week after the introduction of these restrictions, bleak statistics have come to light: There are approximately 20,000 active COVID-19 cases, with almost 1000 people in hospital. It is undeniable that Alberta is facing a health crisis that must be addressed amid the province’s fourth wave of COVID-19.

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